Stronger in Broken Places is the story of a family that is broken from within. It centers around the mother, Linda, who has to be strong for her family as she struggles to maintain her home, sanity, and children, while trying to pick up the pieces of her shattered life and let go of the hurt. Using their musical gifts, Linda's teenage children take a chance that may alter their family's lives forever.

Through the laughter, pain and tears, each member grows and heals individually to become an even stronger piece that makes their family whole again. They also realize there are broken things that sometimes may never be fixed. This tale follows the family from it's journey of hurt to healing and learning to live again. It is sure to leave audiences uplifted and inspired. They will laugh out loud, cry and celebrate! 

Stronger in Broken Places was written, produced and directed by Renee Strong and Co Director Shirlicia Mason.